Neurointervention in stroke care

On Wednesday, we had the privilege of hosting Dr. Satish Kumar Bajaj from the Niels Stensen Kliniken Osnabrück, who gave a presentation on “Neurointervention in stroke care.” The event drew over 25 attendees, who actively participated in the discussion following the lecture. Dr. Satish started his lecture by tracing the evolution of stroke management, highlighting […]

Stroke education

In the last two weeks, the neurological and emergency care community of Nepal faced to remarkable events: The NeuroCon in Kathmandu, organized by the UDM – NINAS Hospital, and Manipal’s first symposium on ischemic stroke in Pokhara.  There are individuals who stand out for their exceptional expertise and ability to inspire others. Dr. Ashim Subedi […]

Webinar: The Brazilian Experience

In the latest online lecture, Dr. Leonardo A. Carbonera from the WSO provided us with a valuable opportunity to learn about “The Brazilian Experience” in stroke care. Stroke is the leading cause of death and disability in Brazil, with over 400,000 new cases occurring each year. To prevent severe consequences, it is crucial to ensure […]

The Nepal Stroke Project Has Gone Public!

Kathmandu is buzzing with enthusiasm as the Nepal Stroke Project launches its latest initiative to raise public awareness about stroke. Spread across five different sites in the city, including Gaushala, Sudhara, Koteshwor, Naxal Nagpokhari, and Kamaladi, this project aims to educate individuals in both English and Nepali languages through captivating videos. The focus of these […]

Angels’ initiatives around the world

The past Wednesday, Jan van der Merwe, project lead of the Angels Initiative, gave a great presentation about the Angels activities worldwide and the impact it has on stroke care. The Angels Initiative is a global program dedicated to improve stroke care and reduce the burden of stroke on society. Their goal is to make […]

Basics of stroke outcome research

This past Wednesday we had the chance to get a great overview on stroke research and important advances in stroke care by Professor Christoph Gumbinger from the University Hospital Heidelberg. About 40 participants of the lecture were given an insight in the research that has been done on the efficiency of stroke care and stroke […]

Exploring New Software Solutions for Stroke Care in Nepal: Insights from mbits CEO Visit

MBits and NSP - CEO Ingmar Gergel, Dr. Christine Tunkl and Patrick Tunkl in Province 1, Nepal

Namaste to our valued supporters at Nepal Stroke Projekt (NSP)! We are excited to share that Ingmar Gergel, CEO of mbits imaging, recently visited Nepal in collaboration with Dr. Christine Tunkl and Patrick Tunkl from NSP to explore new software solutions for stroke care. mbits imaging, a leading medical imaging software company, is already well-established […]


Exciting news from the world of stroke care in Nepal!  Dr Ashim Subedi, from Manipal Teaching Hospital, and Dr Ram Chandra Subedi, from Grande International Hospital, recently participated in the Angels’ Initiative Train-the-Trainer-Workshop in Mainz. For two days, the doctors were fully immersed in interactive workshops that covered a wide range of topics – from […]

Hello Nepalgunj!

On March 10, 2023, a workshop was held in Nepalgunj at Hotel Kalpatru, organized by Dr. Avinash Chandra, Roshan K.C., and JCI Nepalgunj. The workshop was attended by 70 participants, mostly residents, medical officers, and senior consultants from institutions like Bheri Hospital and Nepalganj Medical College. The workshop covered a range of important topics related […]

Imaging in stroke care

Thank you, Dr. Pradesh Ghimire, for a great presentation on “Imaging in Acute Stroke Care”! On Wednesday more than 35 participants of the Online Lecture Series had the chance to get some insight into what different kinds of imaging need to be done when treating stroke patients and how to evaluate these images and take […]

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