Kathmandu is buzzing with enthusiasm as the Nepal Stroke Project launches its latest initiative to raise public awareness about stroke. Spread across five different sites in the city, including Gaushala, Sudhara, Koteshwor, Naxal Nagpokhari, and Kamaladi, this project aims to educate individuals in both English and Nepali languages through captivating videos.

The focus of these videos is to highlight the importance of recognizing stroke symptoms and acting fast, using the easily remembered FAST acronym: Face, Arms, Speech, Time. By spreading this vital information, the Nepal Stroke Project hopes to empower people to take immediate action when stroke strikes, ultimately saving lives and minimizing long-term disability.

This endeavor signifies a major step forward in public healthcare education, bridging the gap between medical knowledge and everyday life. Kudos to the Nepal Stroke Project for their dedication to enhancing public health and making a positive impact in our community. Let’s rally together and support this incredible initiative in raising stroke awareness throughout Nepal!

You can use the original education video for your hospital as well: Please contact us: info@nepalstrokeproject.org

Plese send me the free “Stroke Knowledge” materials: