What we do

We know that strokes will be one of Nepal’s main health burden in the coming years. 

But we also know, that early treatment of stroke can save healthy years of life

And we know, that strokes are a preventable disease!

To reduce the burden of stroke in Nepal, the project is built on four pillars: 

Quality improvement

Establishment of nationwide stroke ready hospitals by training of health personnel

Implementation of standardized treatment protocols

Following the Continuum of Stroke Care: Acute and post-acute stroke care, secondary prevention and rehabilitation

Development of a Hub and Spoke-Model of referral network


Stroke Awareness

Public education campaigns on modifiable risk factors of strokes

Raising awareness about stroke symptoms (BE-FAST) and help-seeking behavior

Quality monitoring

Establishment of a national hospital based stroke registry, using RES-Q

Measuring the effects of the Trainings and the Education Campaigns

Stroke care policy

Involvement of Ministry of Health and Population, Nepal, and WHO

Achieving financing of stroke treatment in the long-term

Development of evidence – based solutions for stroke care in Nepal

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