In the last two weeks, the neurological and emergency care community of Nepal faced to remarkable events: The NeuroCon in Kathmandu, organized by the UDM – NINAS Hospital, and Manipal’s first symposium on ischemic stroke in Pokhara. 

There are individuals who stand out for their exceptional expertise and ability to inspire others. Dr. Ashim Subedi and Dr Balgopal Karmacharya from Manipal Teaching Hospital, proved to be such luminaries at two prestigious events: NeuroCon in Kathmandu and the Manipal Ischemic Stroke Symposium.

By sharing their experiences and knowledge, Dr. Ashim and Dr Balgopal played a pivotal role in advancing the understanding and treatment of stroke. Their commitment to improving patient outcomes and his passion for collaborative care left an indelible mark on the medical community. He eloquently discussed the risk factors, warning signs, and the significance of timely treatment options such as thrombolysis and endovascular therapy. His presentation included real-life case studies, enabling the audience to grasp the practical aspects of stroke management.

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