This past Wednesday we had the chance to get a great overview on stroke research and important advances in stroke care by Professor Christoph Gumbinger from the University Hospital Heidelberg.

About 40 participants of the lecture were given an insight in the research that has been done on the efficiency of stroke care and stroke units, starting from the beginning of stroke units over the evaluation of different treatment options to recent developments. Professor Gumbinger presented multiple clinical studies showing that there is good evidence that stroke units and thrombolytic therapies are highly effective but stated that still too few people are treated in stroke centers where they can receive high quality care. Prof. Gumbinger used an overview of the stroke care concept at our partner hospital in Heidelberg, Germany (University Hospital Heidelberg) to illustrate what measures are important in order to overcome difficulties in stroke care, including the creation of stroke units and stroke centers. He also highlighted the importance of a Statewide Quality Assessment Program monitoring the quality of stroke care in order to provide the best care possible.

However, when presenting the different studies, Professor Gumbinger also pointed out what aspects caregivers need to look out for when comparing study trials to clinical routine. Differences in stroke care and expertise between hospitals as well as additional factors like pre-stroke disabilities should be considered when interpreting a study and evaluating its use for patients.

Thank you, Professor Gumbinger for sharing your expertise and providing a base for interesting discussions on the development of stroke care! Thank you to all participants!

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