Hello – Manipal Hospital

Today we report from our 2nd and 3rd Stroke Nurse Workshop on December 8th and 9th, 2022. We were allowed to hold this in the beautiful city of Pokhara. The hospital was Manipal Hospital First we were introduced to the hospital by Dr. Ashim Subedi. We were allowed to look at the different departments and […]

Small vessel disease

What a great lecture to start our new Online Lecture Series with! A big thank you Dr. Avinash Chandra for presenting on the topic of “Small Vessel Disease”. Also, thank you to the more than 40 participants who attended the lecture and participated in an interesting discussion. Dr. Avinash talked about cerebral small vessel disease […]

Key Priorities in Acute Stroke Care

Thank you to Dr. Lekhjung Thapa, founder of the Nepal Stroke Association, for a great lecture on “Key Priorities in Acute Stroke Care”. We are excited that more than 35 participants attended and got to learn about the most important steps when it comes to treating stroke patients. The overall take home message from Dr. […]

Stroke Workshops in CMC Hospital Bharatpur

The neuroradiological and neuro-interventional unit of CMC Hospital Bharatpur, represented by the head of the unit Dr. Pradesh Ghimire, has already gone major steps towards being a stroke-ready hospital. One of the last steps is the establishment of the endovascular therapy of acute ischemic stroke, which will presumably be accomplished in the next few months. […]

Challenges and opportunities in stroke care

Today we had another great lecture as part of the Nepal Stroke Online Lecture Series.   Dr. Ashim Subedi from Manipal Hospital in Pokhara, Nepal presented on the topic ‚Challenges and opportunities in stroke care and gave us a good insight into the problems and opportunities in stroke care in Nepal. Dr Ashim presented cases […]

Saving #Precioustime in Dharan!

The Precious Time campaign aims to raise awareness about stroke symptoms and the benefits of acting FAST in the aftermath of a stroke. And the stroke team from BPKIHS in Dharan is part of the worldwide campaign – and what an exceptional part they are! The World Stroke Day on October 29th started in Dharan […]

World Stroke Congress 2022

World Stroke Congress 2022 in Singapore. Reunion of the Nepal Stroke Project Team. Building new friendships. Strengthening old collaborations. Valuable input from all over the world. Inspiring ideas for our work. And we can proudly say: The Nepal Stroke Project was present on the floor– to name it: in 2 posters, 1 talk – and […]

Online Series – Session 4

We are proud to say that our 4th lecture in the Nepal Stroke Online Lecture Series has taken place!! Once again, a number of participants attended the lecture. Thank you so much to all !! =) Thanks to Prof. Dr. Ringleb, one of the most famous stroke experts in Germany, who gave a lecture on […]

Intracerebral hemorrhage

Thank you very much Dr. Raju Paudel for the successful first lecture of our online lecture series!!! It was an exciting and detailed presentation on ‘Intracranial hemorrhage’. The presentation included topics such as ‚Pathogenesis of Intracranial hemorrhage and mechanism of injury‘, Diagnostic assesments‘ and ‚Blood pressure management‘ and of Anticoagulation.  This led to an exciting […]

Online Lecture Series on Stroke Care

Invitation: Online Lecture Series on Stroke Care Dear Nepal Stroke Community, we are happy to invite you to the Online Lecture Series on Stroke Care in Nepal! Don’t miss this unique opportunity to listen to and discuss live with world-renowned stroke experts!  Please invite all your friends, colleagues and everyone who in interested in stroke […]