Boosting Thrombolysis Confidence in Surkhet Hospital: A Successful Training Initiative

The confidence in thrombolysis is rising in Surkhet Hospital, Nepal, thanks to a recent training course that marked a significant milestone in stroke care. This training session brought together 15 enthusiastic participants, all eager to enhance their skills and knowledge in stroke treatment.

Dr. Khechar Paudel, a dedicated medical professional who established the stroke team at Surkhet Hospital and a member of the WSO Future Leaders, played a pivotal role in organizing this training. The session was further enriched by Christine Tunkl, who delivered an insightful talk that resonated deeply with the attendees. The comprehensive training included not only theoretical knowledge but also practical skills, ensuring that participants could confidently apply thrombolysis techniques in real-world scenarios.

Adding to the momentum, we are proud to announce that we have donated thrombolytic medication to Surkhet Hospital through “Hospitalpartnerships.” This contribution is a critical step in ensuring that the hospital is well-equipped to handle stroke cases and provide timely and effective treatment.

It’s great to have one more place where stroke patients can receive critical care. This initiative not only boosts the confidence of the medical team in Surkhet but also enhances the hospital’s capability to save lives. As we continue to support such essential training and resource allocation, we look forward to seeing more hospitals empowered to provide top-notch stroke care across the globe.

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