World Stroke Congress 2022 in Singapore. Reunion of the Nepal Stroke Project Team. Building new friendships. Strengthening old collaborations. Valuable input from all over the world. Inspiring ideas for our work. And we can proudly say: The Nepal Stroke Project was present on the floor– to name it: in 2 posters, 1 talk – and everywhere in the Coffee break.

Dr Lekhjung Thapa, Dr Raju Paudel, Dr Avinash Chandra, Dr Ayush Chandra and Dr Pankaj Jalan – what an honor to have you in Singapore presenting your country and your project to the world!

Dr Lekhjung had the chance to present the group’s work in the Stroke Exchange Forum. Which straight opened the doors for new collaborations. Dr Christine Tunkl from Heidelberg gave an overview about the last year’s achievements, which gained a lot of respect from the audience. Dr Avinash highlighted the challenges and the need for data monitoring – which makes him the project’s new data manager, right?  =)

Meeting old friends – and meeting some of our project’s Advisory Board for the first time in real life: Professor Werner Hacke, Professor Jeyaraj Pandian, Thomas Fischer. Learning from the world’s stroke leaders about the latest reseach in stroke care and strategies for implementation.

Having a chat with so many experts in their field, from the WSO’s Future Leaders to RES-Q managers, WHO-SEARO Team and our close project partners from CMC Ludhiana. Discussing our concept with stroke experts from Malaysia, the Dominican Republic, Brazil and India fulfilled us all with so many inspiring ideas. And we could feel the Conference’s spirit right in our strategic planning session on the last day. So much we’ve already achieved together – and so much more to do for us in the next months – we are completely engaged in that =)

Still, not to forget that Singapore has much more to offer than “only” a World Stroke Congress. So, we had a lovely reunion with our project team on the Marina, were amazed by all those glimmering skyscrapers in the Marina – and spent the evenings in the Gardens by the Bay.

And what’s next? Toronto 2023 – Nepal will be awarded for stroke-ready hospitals, that we are sure of =)

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