Celebrating stroke care with 150 physicians and politicians in Janakpur! Wow! That was truely incredible! 

The first-ever stroke care event was mind-blowing and unforgettable for everyone! 150 physicians, nurses and politicians celebrated this evening with us in the Banquet Hall of Raj Durbar Hotel in Janakpur.

Dr. Avinash Chandra and Dr. Pankaj Jalan, Kathmandu’s most renowned neurologists, took the way from Kathmandu to share their expertise about thrombolysis and everything beyond with the team from Janakpur. Christine, neurologist from Germany, highlighted the steps in becoming a stroke-ready hospitals. Patrick gave us an overview about the importance of raising public awareness on stroke. The local experts, Dr. Raman Mishra and Dr. Ayaj Kumar Yadav, described their experiences and obstacles in stroke care in different hospitals in Janakpur. 

The evening was surrounded by a very festive atmosphere and votes of thanks from the Chief Minister of the Province Madhesh and local political leaders. The event ended with a delicious dinner party.

And everything wouldn’t have been possible without the outstanding organization of the event by Dr. Akee Ayush and Krishna Dhungana.

It was remarkable, to experience the physicians’ desire in bringing stroke care forward. This was the first-ever stroke care event in Janakpur, but for sure this was not the last one. We loved the presentations of the local experts. We loved the discussion round. And we loved to see that so many physicians took their valuable time to learn about how to improve.

Seeing so much dedication from so many health professionals is just the proof, that there is already a huge movement in stroke care in Nepal!

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