The Nepal Stroke Association gave a Stroke Masterclass for Nepalese Doctors working in the Emergency Departments. 

Four great lecturers gave highly interesting and up-to-date presentations on the topics: 

Dr Lekhjung Thapa: Acute Stroke Care in Nepal

Dr Ashim Subedi: Emergency Assessment and Thrombolysis for Acute Ischemic Stroke

Dr Manish Shreshta: Role of Imaging in Acute Stroke

Dr Nikunja Yogi: Intracerebral hemorrhage and role of surgical procedures in Acute Ischemic Stroke

The venue was supported by the Nepal Brain and Spine Foundation and Pokhara MRI Diagnostics. 

66 participants, mostly physicians working in the Emergency Department, joined the Masterclass.

Dr Ashim Subedi, Head of Emergency Department, Manipal Teaching Hospital, commented the great success of the project: 

“We were able to make our younger doctors aware about stroke and how important it was to treat them. We triggered up our doctors and encouraged them why stroke and its treatment in emergency is important!”

Let’s get more events like this one done to raise stroke awareness also among the doctors!

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