Stroke care is a team effort! And it’s the passion of the team from Western Regional Hospital, that will bring stroke care in WRH to the highest level of excellence!

Last week was not only the week of Shivarati, Tibetan New Year and Chrissi’s birthday– it was also the week of our first workshop on stroke care in the governmental Western Regional Hospital in Pokhara. And right at the beginning of the workshop we could feel that sensation of improving the stroke situation, when the Director, Dr Bharat Bahadur Khatri gave an enthusiastic speech about his support for stroke care.

To be honest, our mission for the workshop was a bit like “let’s convince the people to build a stroke team”. But: Here was no convincing necessary – the desire to have a stroke team was there even before the workshop started and became more clearly defined at the end of the days. Their enthusiasm was unique!

How can we make the most of first 60 minutes after the patient has arrived in our hospital? How can we do a comprehensive Neuro-Exam in less than 5 minutes? Who needs what kind of imaging? What can we see in a CT scan actually? Who is eligible for thrombolysis? And how can we convince the patients’ relatives about thrombolysis?

It was sooo much fun to work out these topics with the whole group of physician, technicians and nurses from different departments!  My highlight was, when Bhidya, the Nurses’ Administrator, explained to Patrick so powerful why stroke unit is so important… doesn’t happen too often, that Patrick becomes kind of speechless 😉

To say it in short: We have no doubt that Western Regional Hospital will become one of the best places to be treated as a stroke patient!

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