Janakpur is one of the most thrilling cities – not only in Nepal, but also in Asia – and probably worldwide.

Janaki Mandir is one of the most beautiful and unique Temples worldwide! And right in front of this monument was the first- ever stroke camp! Incredible

Right when we arrived in Janakpur, we were thrilled by this city with its thousands of temples, ponds, with it’s colorfulness and holiness in the whole city. Never seen a place like this! And of course, it was a great reunion to meet with Dr. Avinash and Dr. Pankaj in Janakpur from Janakpur. But at this time, we didn’t know that the city will become even more unforgettable in the next days!

On Saturday, we celebrated the first free stroke care event at Janaki Mandir, one of the most beautiful sides of Hinduism, which was constructed right where goddess Sita was born. The event was inaugurated by Chrissi, having the honour to measure Hanuman’s blood pressure.

All visitors of the tempel could measure their blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rate and saturation – for free. And were rewarded by a free counseling about their vascular health status and every other health issue, they were concerned with. Flyers on stroke symptoms and prevention were distributed everywhere! No matter if it was Sadhus, police officers, hinduist priests, visitors from many other countries or the locals from the Janakpur area, coming for their daily prayers – everyone had the opportunity to be counselled by Nepal’s most renowned neurologist, Dr. Avinash, and Dr. Christine.

And within 8 hours in 35 degree, Dr. Avinash treated more than 200 patient, using his skills of speaking five different languages at the same time.

And that right in front of Nepal’s most beautiful palace!

Having a stroke camp surrounded by such an amazing atmosphere and being welcomed by so many patients was a life-time event for everyone!

But of course, that would not have been possible without the engagement of Krishna Dhungana, Dr Akee Ayush, Dr Avinash Chandra – and most of all: 10 medical students who volunteered and did the check-up investigations!

At the end of the Day, the Mahand of Janaki Mandir, the Holy Priest of the Temple, invited us to give the next stroke camp after four weeks in his Holy Temple.

Wow! Janaki Mandir Health Camp was a unique way of spreading the message about stroke – and has exceeded the boldest expectations of how rewarding stroke care can ever be!

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