The Precious Time campaign aims to raise awareness about stroke symptoms and the benefits of acting FAST in the aftermath of a stroke. And the stroke team from BPKIHS in Dharan is part of the worldwide campaign – and what an exceptional part they are!

The World Stroke Day on October 29th started in Dharan with a rally from GOPD to Bhanu Chowk and was highly appreciated by so many people.

On Wednesday an educational event was given with great speakers from BPKIHS – and nearly 100 people from Dharan listening! If they continue with so much energy, the next World Stroke Day will be overrun by national and international guests!

Dr Bhupendra Shah, the local stroke team leader, Dr Sanjeev Kumar Mishra, Dr Alok Dahal and Dr Akshat Mishra gave lectures about stroke management, neurosurgery and mental health issues in stroke survivors. And as a highlight, a local stroke hero was facilitated – Congratulations to Alok Dahal for saving so many stroke patients’ lives!

But it’s not only about the one day, that the stroke team in BPKIHS had organized – it’s much more =) Together with the Nepal Stroke Assocation the whole nation was encouraged on Social Media to join the #precioustime campaign. And this year, that was the Social Post Builder: All users, friends and followers of the Nepalese #precioustime campaign were invited to upload a pic with a timepiece and share their personal stroke message with the world.

We wish you all the best for the World Stroke Day and it makes us proud to see the vibrant energies of stroke team BPKIHS and Nepal Stroke Association. Already now we are excited what you guys will do for the next stroke day =)

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