… our Public-Awareness-Online- Campaign is gaining momentum! 

Isn’t that totally awesome? We’ve reached ONE MILLION people in Nepal. We could spread the message of stroke to one million people here in Nepal!

Thanks so much to World Stroke Organization:  Not only we, but it seems one million Nepalese people love their animated FAST-Icons! 

Animated Icons

So, two weeks ago Patrick started to advertise our first Facebook-Post. I really don’t want to promote Facebook or Meta or however to name it – but their effect is gigantic. We decided to start the campaign with WSO’s animated FAST-Icons (in English and Nepali). And now after two weeks:

2 Million times: This post was displayed on Facebook more than 2 million times!

1 Million people: One million people here have watched a video showing the signs of a stroke – wow!

30.000 Clicks: 30.000 people clicked on the post and learned about the “Basics of stroke” on our Website! 

1.000 Likes: More than 1000 people liked the FAST icons!

250 Comments: More than 250 people commented the post to learn more about stroke! And of course each of them received a personal message with more information about stroke!

In the next days we will add the arty and fancy Videos from World Stroke Days – so don’t forget to check Facebook (Nepalstrokeproject) – and always keep in mind: 

Save #precioustime!

Plese send me the free “Stroke Knowledge” materials: