We are proud to say that our 4th lecture in the Nepal Stroke Online Lecture Series has taken place!!

Once again, a number of participants attended the lecture. Thank you so much to all !! =)

Thanks to Prof. Dr. Ringleb, one of the most famous stroke experts in Germany, who gave a lecture on the topic of ‚Therapy of Caroid and Intracranial Stenosis‘.

In the lecture the following topics were presented: trials on carotid stenosis, factors with increased stroke- risk, description of asymptomatic and symptomatic carotid artery stenosis an different therapy options, invasive therapy for carotid stenosis, guidelines for this topic, relevance of risk- factor modifications and many more.

It was incredibly exciting to be a part of this lecture as Prof. Dr. Ringleb also shared his experience in this presentation. We were grateful for each and every participant who attended the lecture and for everyone who made the discussion exciting.

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