Nepalganj is a multi-ethnicity, sub-metropolitan city in Western Nepal, close to the Indian border– and probably offers some of the best food in whole Asia. Nepalganj is not only the city with so cheerful people, but with people who are full of energy and the will to change.


Bageshwari Temple

The only thing Nepalganj doesn’t have (yet) is stroke care. And strokes are also a non-existent topic among the population (yet). Therefore it was so great to see how much enthusiasm for the topic of stroke was raised by our first Stroke Care Event in Nepalganj. We now see everyone thinking about which little actions can be undertaken in clinical routine to bring stroke care to the next level. And the first step toward that is to create a stroke team in each hospital. 

Dr. Avinash Chandra, leading member of the Nepal Stroke Association, with his ambition to bring stroke care to everyone in Nepal, and JCI Nepalgunj organized this first (but not last) stroke- care event. They invited the Deputy Mayor of Nepalganj as a representative from the government and twenty doctors from the governmental Bheri Hospital and the Nepalgunj Medical College Teaching Hospital (neurosurgeons, general physicians, orhtopedic surgeons, internists and anesthesiologists).

A highlight was that the representatives of the youth organization JCI were present and made the event a very special experience. We are really looking forward to connect our upcoming activities with the great power of JCI and have a fruitful cooperation with them and spread the message of stroke together!

So let me cite Dr. Avinash: “Since this was the first-ever talk on stroke being held in Nepalgunj, the interest for further talks and doing things for thrombolysis has already started. I am already getting calls from a few physicians while I was at the airport in Nepalgunj, and they were asking me about the ways to acquire tPA!”

We can’t wait to come back to Nepalganj soon – and that is not only because we are already missing the delicious food.


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