Koshi Hospital is a multispeciality governmental hospital, located in the capital of Nepal’s Province No.1, Biratnagar. 

Biratnagar is such an incredible lively and sparkling town on the Indian border– and so were the two days we spent in Koshi Hospital.

It was an honor for us that more than twenty nurses and physicians from Emergency Room, Neurosurgery, Internal Medicine, Intensive Care and Radiology participated with so much joy and interest in the sessions!

Two-days… and we’ve discussed so many important issues: Streamlining the processes in the Emergency Room, Interpreting a CT scan, Examining the patient with NIHSS, Deciding on the right therapy, Giving thrombolysis, Providing the best post-acute care!

So what will be our next steps in stroke care?

Let’s build a stroke team! With Dr. Den Acharya, Dr. Roshan Katiwada, Dr. Gajendra Yadav and Dr. Suman Khadka we already have the best stroke team leaders. And with the whole team of nurses and consultants, we have such a dedicated stroke team!

  • Let’s implement a stroke call! So whenever a stroke patient is admitted in the emergency room, the whole stroke team will be alerted … and time is ticking.
  • Let’s stick to the Nepal Stroke Association’s protocols and checklists for stroke care!
  • Let’s monitor our treatment data – let’s analyze them and find ways to improve even more

Let’s all work together to achieve our new goals – and that is: Koshi Hospital will be an Awarded Hospital for stroke care!

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