Thank you very much Dr. Raju Paudel for the successful first lecture of our online lecture series!!!

It was an exciting and detailed presentation on ‘Intracranial hemorrhage’.

The presentation included topics such as ‚Pathogenesis of Intracranial hemorrhage and mechanism of injury‘, Diagnostic assesments‘ and ‚Blood pressure management‘ and of Anticoagulation. 

This led to an exciting discussion among experts and participants of the online presentation. Dr Ashim Subedi asked how to assess the prognosis of an ICH. Dr Lekhjung Thapa highlighted that the most important is to have a shared decision-making about the expected outcome and treatment options together with the patient and his family. There’s no score or algorithm to predict the individual outcome in ICH, all scores are just one out of many hints to consider. We further discussed the key priorities in care – even for those who work in health centers without comprehensive set ups. And the Nepal Stroke Team is working with full effort on a national protocol which will be helpful for everyone to know about the “Must Do’s” in Intracerebral hemorrhage. 

More than forty doctors attended the first session and we are sure that this and the upcoming lectures will encourage doctors and empower them in stroke care. We are very grateful for all the exciting and important Information!

Excited for the next session on September 15,2022 at 8pm (Kathmandu// 16.15 Germany), given by Professor Werner Hacke about Past, Presence and Future of Acute Stroke Care. 

Please invite all your colleagues and everyone who is interested!

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