What a great lecture to start our new Online Lecture Series with! A big thank you Dr. Avinash Chandra for presenting on the topic of “Small Vessel Disease”. Also, thank you to the more than 40 participants who attended the lecture and participated in an interesting discussion.

Dr. Avinash talked about cerebral small vessel disease (CSVD), the most common chronic vascular disease, and how it affects the small vessels of the brain, often leading to white matter lesions. This is an important topic since CSVD causes 25% of strokes and contributes to 45% of dementia cases. Dr. Avinash explained common characteristics in MRI imaging and how to evaluate them, for example by using the Fazekas Scale which describes the amount of white matter lesions found in T2 MRI images. He also talked about the complex pathology of CSVD as well as management and treatment options. The lecture ended with some interesting questions from the audience.

Thank you again for a great lecture Dr. Avinash and everyone who participated! We are already excited for the next lecture on February 1st 2023.

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