Thank you to Dr. Lekhjung Thapa, founder of the Nepal Stroke Association, for a great lecture on “Key Priorities in Acute Stroke Care”. We are excited that more than 35 participants attended and got to learn about the most important steps when it comes to treating stroke patients.

The overall take home message from Dr. Lekhjung’s presentation is probably “Time is Neuron!” and that there are certain steps and protocols to ensure time efficient work and the best possible outcome. Dr. Lekhjung put a main focus on the “8 D’s of Acute Stroke”: Detection, Dispatch, Delivery, Door, Data, Decision, Drug & Disposition”, each addressing an important part of the treatment from the pre-hospital work through the (hyper) acute phase to post-acute care. Rapid recognition of stroke symptoms, quick transport to a qualified hospital, diagnostics, and the right selection of therapy as well as various other factors have an influence on how quickly a stroke patient get treated and what their outcome is going to be.

Thank you for an interesting presentation, Dr. Lekhjung, and thank you to everyone who participated!

Today’s lecture was a great conclusion to this year’s Online Lecture Series – but don’t worry! We are starting with our new lecture series on January 4th. Next year’s lectures will be held once a month on Wednesdays. We are excited to welcome all of you back for the first lecture in January!

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