The neuroradiological and neuro-interventional unit of CMC Hospital Bharatpur, represented by the head of the unit Dr. Pradesh Ghimire, has already gone major steps towards being a stroke-ready hospital. One of the last steps is the establishment of the endovascular therapy of acute ischemic stroke, which will presumably be accomplished in the next few months.

Accordingly, it was a good timing to hold a hands-on workshop on mechanical thrombectomy materials, which was organized and held last week by Dr. Dominik Vollherbst from Heidelberg University Hospital in Germany and Dr. Pradesh Ghimire. State of the art material for mechanical thrombectomy was explained and demonstrated to the radiological team and the attendees could discover the thrombectomy materials with their own hands.

On the following day, a workshop for the whole stroke team of CMC Hospital was held, including ED and ICU nurses and physicians, radiological technicians, and physicians, as well as physiotherapists and data specialists was organized by Dr. Ghimire and Dr. Vollherbst. Lectures on stroke pathophysiology, symptoms, and imaging, as well as the organization of a stroke team and quality management were held and led to constructive discussions which will definitively further improve stroke management in CMC Hospital as a teamwork of the different departments.

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