Minutes can save lives. 

“And the minutes or hours we’ve spent together will help to save so many lives!”

That’s how the participants commented on our Two-Day Stroke Care Session in Devdaha Medical College. 


And this is no wonder. Listening two days to Dr. Lekhjung Thapa, the pioneer of stroke care in Nepal, is a lifetime event. It’s impossible not to be inspired by Dr. Lekhjung’s passion for stroke care.

And when Dr. Lekhjung and a bunch of young motivated doctors meet at one of the best hospitals in the Terai, that’s exactly what happens: A new stroke team bursting with energy. And to top it all off, the new team has leadership in Dr. Mahesh and a hospital board with Dr. Jay Raj and Dr. Gopal who are very supportive. Dr. Lekhjung’s team from Neuro and Allied Clinic cared for our physical well-being with a delicious roof-top catering.  

The two-days were more a celebration than an educational event. No matter if it was about counselling patients’ parties, practicing NIHSS or developing the best treatment flow – such a team spirit is remarkable. 


Devdaha Medical College, they will not be only a center for in-hospital stroke care. We are sure, their effects will be seen in the whole region, they’ll be the new anchor for care and help to organize care in the region. 

And last but not least: We loved Patricks presentation, stating that we are all advocates for stroke now. That it’s up to us to make our friends and family aware of stroke! And everyone participating here in Devdaha Medical College is a new stroke hero now – that’s a great opportunity, but we know that it’s also a responsibility for us! 

Welcome Devdaha Medical College to the Nepal Stroke Family!

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