Exploring New Software Solutions for Stroke Care in Nepal: Insights from mbits CEO Visit

MBits and NSP - CEO Ingmar Gergel, Dr. Christine Tunkl and Patrick Tunkl in Province 1, Nepal

Namaste to our valued supporters at Nepal Stroke Projekt (NSP)! We are excited to share that Ingmar Gergel, CEO of mbits imaging, recently visited Nepal in collaboration with Dr. Christine Tunkl and Patrick Tunkl from NSP to explore new software solutions for stroke care. mbits imaging, a leading medical imaging software company, is already well-established […]

Public Awareness: Reaching out to 2 million Nepalis

NSP PAC - Numbers about the Online Public Awareness Campaign

The online part of the Public Awareness Campaign is a huge success: So far 2 million Nepalese have viewed the iconic FAST ads, and over 200.000 read our ‘Basics of Stroke’ page. If you want to know more details about that, where ads were shown and what will come next, have a look at: tunkl.de/how-to-inform-a-whole-country-with-social-media […]

Public Awareness Campaign

Meta Ads Info Hidden Photo

We are starting with our Public Awareness Campaign and a first test-run for an online ad was very promising. Here is a short overview of what is planned (besides or “normal” social media activities): Paid Online Ads for NepalStrokeProject Social Media on Meta Facebook Ads Instagram Ads Messenger Ads Google YouTube Ads Offline Advertising Flyer […]

World Stroke Organization’s Blog

We know that the most important thing in any project is good cooperation! And so we are very grateful to count on the experience of the World Stroke Organization. Using the WSO Roadmap to Delivering Quality Stroke Care, we could assess what the needs are for stroke care at the regional level as well as […]

Hospital Partnerships / Klinikpartnerschaften

Screenshot of the Hospital Partnerships website

The Nepal Stroke Project is a project funded by Hospital Partnerships (German: Klinikpartnerschaften) – a part of the GIZ (Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit). Take a look at the listing on their website: hospitalpartnerships.org/projects/nepal-stroke-project-ein-projekt-zur-reduktion-der-krankheitslast-durch-schlaganfälle-in-nepal

Hello World! (News from Nepal)

The website NepalStrokeProject.org is now online and visible for everyone. Gone are the days of login-only walls: But the page is still and will always be ‘under construction’ so please stay with us, let us know if something is wrong or missing and sign up for the newsletter to stay updated. Thank you veray much!

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